20′ x 5″ Sentry Internal Halyard


20’x5″ Sentry Internal Halyard

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This product replaces the winch and steel cable assemblies with a less expensive internal rope system using an internal cam action cleat inside a heavily reinforced door frame assembly. The frame is attached to the flagpole shaft with 20 stainless steel bolts. Options include cast ball/truck combinations, cast aluminum collars, and revolving truck assemblies for shafts with a 5″ base diameter. All 6″ and 7″ base diameter models have a revolving truck as standard.

All Nations Sentry flag poles combine the best of all features a flag pole can offer. A Sentry flag pole is the only pole that allows your flag to move 360 degrees around the pole as wind direction changes. It is also very quiet on windy days. No rope banging on the pole. By having your rope on the inside of the flag pole it is virtually vandal proof.

Sentry poles are a commercial installation. The pole is installed inside a corrugated steel tube with a lightening rod on the bottom. You can install them yourself, but with great care.

One piece flag poles have special freight pricing. All Nations will contact you to advise options and costs.